Nottingham Equal

Some of you may remember previous postings about Nottingham Equal. They are a local charity whose chairperson is the dodgy Councillor Hassan Ahmed and involves the equally dodgy Tyron Browne.

I had seen paperwork that indicated they were going to receive £20,000 grant from One Nottingham. I have been told this morning, that they actually received a £90,000 grant. The paperwork I have seen simply says they are receiving a grant and the recommended amount was £20,000. I haven’t been able to find any paperwork that says they were actually given £90,000.

This stinks, especially since Councillor Hassan Ahmed was one of the two Councillors who agreed to the removal of  CEHRNN’s funding. Especially as there is clear overlap between the work of CEHRNN and Nottingham Equal. He really should not have had any involvement in this decision.

Nottingham Equal’s purpose is to “widen participation and representation of BAME stakeholders in local decision-making processes”.

CEHRNN aims to “work with organisations and individuals for a just society, which gives everyone an equal chance to learn, work and live free from discrimination, prejudice, and the fear of all forms of harassment and violence.”

To read more about these two dubious individuals, follow the link below.

9 Responses to Nottingham Equal

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    How is it that Nottingham bloggers in the know (as we all are, by various means) recognise the dubious activities of Ahmed and Browne and flag them up time and time again but no-one in authority seems to take a blind bit of notice?

    I guess it’s known as political expediency but, as you rightly say, it stinks.

    I’m with Andy over at NCC LOL’s, I think a few FOI’s are due and maybe a word in the ear of the District Auditor.

  2. Andy says:

    Is it def One Nottingham who are doing the funding or the council? Important difference as ON aren’t subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

    It’s likely to be the higher figure as NE were advertising £80k worth of jobs over the summer so with on costs that would account for £90k.

    Is it anything to do with the new ON ‘Fairness Commission’ (Prop; Hassan Ahmed)

  3. Alan-a-dale says:

    Why isn’t ON subject to Freedom of Information requests? It’s run by NCC, chaired by JoCo and all the staff are employed by NCC. The illusion that ON is somehow independent of the local authority was surely smashed when JoCo added it to his empire.

  4. nottgirl says:

    The funding is from the Area Based Grant – a pot of central government funding. This until recently was distributed by One Nottingham, but in the past few months, responsibility has passed to Nottingham City Council.

    It has nothing to do with the Fairness Commission. The Fairness Commission is a non jargon name for a team looking at equal opportunities. The name was copied from another Local Authority.

    Others recognise the dubiousness of both of these figures, but no-one wants to put their job and future on the line by mounting an open challenge. Especially as Councillor Hassen Ahmed has very strong support from Councillor Jon Collins.

  5. Andy says:

    I’m not really clear. So this WAS a City Council decision? It’s not appeared on the City Council website. Was it a Portfolio Holder decision?

    ABG is where the big cuts have happened isn’t it? Great idea to hand whats left to a bunch of crooks.

    Alan, organisations that are owned by more than one public authority are exempt from FoI due to a loophole. Notts Connexions is exempt for the same reason. There might be an argument that ON is de facto part of NCC but I don’t know enough about the organisation’s funding and set up to have any real idea.

    I’ve got another FoI about ON’s Chief Exec which might give a clue about what they think re their FoI status.

    But if it was a NCC decision then there shouldn’t be a problem, just need to know for sure so I send the FoI to the right place. Unless of course somebody could scan a copy of the decision and email it over…

  6. nottgirl says:

    One Nottingham made the decision, but it had to be ratified i.e. agreed, by Nottingham City Council. Nottingham City Council are now the ones administering the funding. The £90k has been used to employ some staff. The main co-ordinator who has been appointed is (so I have been told) a hard working individual who isn’t dodgy at all. So, who knows, maybe the organisation will end up doing some worthwhile things?

  7. Andy says:

    One thing I’ve just noticed. Ahmed did resign as a director of NE shortly after the Post caught him out not putting it on his register of interests. So he’s not the chairperson anymore. If he’s back up there he’s in trouble because he hasn’t put it back on his register.

    Browne is listed as NE’s CEO.

  8. fumi says:

    if you serious about knowing whats going on then make a request for the monitoring of the 2 city council grants NE has had. 25k for volunteering work which seems to have disappeared and the council do not yet know! and 33k for group support.

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