Cllr Hassan Ahmed’s latest proposal

A letter in the Nottingham Post challenges Councillor Hassan Ahmed’s latest proposal.

“I never cease to be amazed at some of the proposals put down, by the likes of Councillor Hassan Ahmed, for example.

Councillor Hassan Ahmed proposes to axe the holiday pay of Teaching Assistants within our city (and even county schools may be ultimately affected)….

(I) always smile when the word “consultation” is mentioned and then in the next breath Councillor Hassan Ahmed states: “The consultation will consider ways to mitigate any loss. It is expected schools will work with teaching assistants to support them with any changes”.

Done deal then, I sincerely hope not.”

To read the full letter follow the link below.


2 Responses to Cllr Hassan Ahmed’s latest proposal

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    Another approach that councillor Ahmed might want to consider, in the interests of saving money for the city, is to stop directing public funding towards organisations that he is involved with, usually in breach of the spirit if not the letter of council regulations and sometimes with a flagrant disregard for any principle of transparency, accountability or propriety.

    Or he might prefer to continue feathering his own nest by taking money from proper public servants.

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