A tale of police skiving

I have just been reading the Nottingham Post and came across a worrying anecdote.

“A few years ago i was assaulted in nottingham city centre and sought the help of two police officers in a patrol car driving very slowly along the side of the council house. I tried to wave them down, they continued to drive, and eventually only stopped when i stood in front of their vehicle. they refused to lsiten to me and then told me to F off or i would be arrested.

after pointing out the group of men who had attacked me waiting nearby i told them i would rather be arrested than beaten to a pulp at which point they both got out of the car, threw me on the bonnet, cuffed me, pushed me into the back of the car. drove around the corner, took off the cuffs and threw me back out of the car onto the ground and drove off.

I was very angry and upset and went immediately to central police station and demanded to see an inspector to amke a complaint.

the complaint was investigated and i was told by the investigating officer from sherwood lodge that the officers were logged as being in the stanns/carlton area at the time and had gone to get an eyefull of the totty. they ignored me because it would have identified that they were in the wrong place.

Oh and suprise of suprises i was told it was not in the public interest for the investigation to be taken further.”

Follow the link below to read the original post.



2 Responses to A tale of police skiving

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    I’m not a particular fan of the police service but I would question the veracity of this account, not least because anyone who regularly reads the comments left on the Evening Post website will quickly conclude that most of the contributors have very personal axes to grind and often appear to have a very tenuous grasp on reality.

  2. nottgirl says:

    It may not be an accurate account of the event.

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