Sixth worst hit in UK

Nottingham is in the top ten again! Unfortunately for being the sixth town or city, worst hit by the recession. According to the Sun newspaper, Nottingham has 1254 empty shops or 23% of all shops.

To be honest this surprised me. The other nine towns or cities are a roll call of run down and grim places. Places like Grimsby, Blackpool and Sunderland. In the main, these are places that have been decimated by the closure of traditional industries or the decline of tourism.  Nottingham really shouldn’t feature on this list at all.

So I wonder why Nottingham is doing so badly in relation to other cities and towns. Do we have too many retail premises? Or is the City Council’s anti car stance encouraging people to shop elsewhere?

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8 Responses to Sixth worst hit in UK

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    I know Nottingham has a lot of empty shops; you only have to walk around the city centre to see that… but I would seriously question these figures.

    The Sun says that there are 1254 empty shops in Nottingham and says this is 23% of the total, which means that there are around 5500 shops in the city.

    As there are only 120 shops in Victoria Centre and around 80 in Broadmarsh, the Sun must have included places like Radford, Hyson Green, the Meadows, Clifton, Sneinton, Bulwell and Sherwood in its figures. Maybe even parts of the county like Arnold and Netherfield. Hardly the ‘high street’ it purports to be trying to save.

  2. Alan-a-dale says:

    On another issue you mention in your post, I don’t think the city is ‘anti-car’. It is pro-public transport and has a realistic view about how many cars should be allowed into the city centre, which is a different thing entirely.

  3. Andy says:

    Not sure that closure of ‘traditional industries’ will have much of an effect on retail vacancies today. That should have ironed itself out some time ago. Mind you, if it hadn’t then Nottingham has its fair share, used to be a lot of coal being dug outa them thar hills.

    Wrt the numbers, the last city centre retail survey said that there were 189 vacancies in May. However I don’t know what counts as ‘city centre’. That certainly confirms Alan’s point that they are at least taking into account the whole city council area, maybe more. Mind you I would accept this as valid as outlying communities like Clifton and Bulwell have recogniseable high streets. Ironically good transport links into the city can work against these shops.

    Nottingham has some local issues though. Nobody in their right mind is going to sign up to a long lease in the Broadmarsh with all the uncertainty, Trinity Sq is a basket case and Mansfield Rd is having lots of problems.

    And I can’t help wonder whether the City Council’s heavy handed approach to city centre management has some effect. Shooing market stalls way out of site and mind may wall send passing trade with them and NCC generated a lot of bad blood with its war on A boards.

  4. nottgirl says:

    I think the survey covers the whole of Nottingham City, although its not clear in the article. But looking at the other towns and cities I think the Sun is using the same measurement for them. I do think the City is anti car and that has decimated the shopping in places like Mansfield Road.

    People with cars may use public transport to go into the city to visit lots of shops. But a lot of the arterial routes into the City are only viable if passing motorists are able to stop and make smaller purchases.

    Unless you are going out for a meal, you are not going to take public transport just to visit Mansfield Road. But if you are driving by, you might stop to look in 1 shop.

    Cost is also an issue. If myself and my partner go into the city centre it costs between us £6.40 return by bus. That is okay if we are going in to look at lots of things. But not viable if we only want something small like a nice box of chocolates for a gift or 1 DVD. So for these types of things, we drive to the supermarkets or retail parks.

    The City Council has steadily been taking away all the free short term parking there used to be. At one time we often used to nip into the City Centre to buy 1 or 2 things and use short term free parking. Nowdays we very rarely shop in the city centre.

  5. Alan-a-dale says:

    If I have to go to town, I park my car at the Forest park and ride and walk in from there… down Mansfield Road, interestingly enough.

    Exercise, fresh air and absolutely no cost. What’s wrong with that.

  6. nottgirl says:

    The park and ride at the Forest Recreation Ground comes under a lot of criticism from people including Councillor Jon Collins; as it is used by some as a car park for the City centre rather than as a Park and Ride. So the plan was not for this facility to be used as you use it. However, the site is on a very long lease to the NET people, so this won’t change in the foreseeable future.

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