Vandalism of Conservative Party office’s

Indymedia reports that:

“Damage was done to the Conservative Party Nottingham Office last night….Some windows had been smashed along the wall in King Edward Street and there were some painted messages including “Fight the cuts” and “Tory Scum”.”

Okay you might not agree with the Government, or with the cuts being made; but this is still vandalism. Although it was interesting that some readers of the Evening Post seemed to think that taxpayers will pay for the repairs – when of course they don’t.

Follow the link below to read more.


One Response to Vandalism of Conservative Party office’s

  1. atkin says:

    I do not know what is happening to the conservatives I have voted for them all my life. but I will not again, they have got their priorities wrong. what with gays marrying etc.the biggest trouble is that all the parties are the same

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