Nottingham’s great ideas

In 2008, the Labour Government asked all Local Authorities to submit ideas to:

“improve the social, economic or environmental well-being of their local area, but would need the Secretary of State’s assistance to make happen.”
 The deadline was July 2009. The proposals were then shortlisted to 199 proposals – and then nothing happened.  Interestingly though, the new Coalition Government have looked at these shortlisted ideas. From this they have released a document giving the Government’s views on these ideas and what they will do, if anything, to implement these.

Nottingham City Council submitted a number of ideas, including the two below.

“Government should make changes to legislation to help tackle the issue of fly posting.”
“Require off licences to indelibly mark the containers that alcohol is sold in, so the police can identify the premises and take appropriate action against the licensed premises and the licence holder.”

The response from the Government to these two ideas, is that Nottingham City Council already have the legal powers to implement this.
Follow the link below to read more.



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