Deeply depressing

Before I came to Nottingham, I had never encountered individuals who thought that mindless acts of vandalism were somehow “sticking it to the system”. Below is an extract from a posting on indymedia ,of someone who thinks exactly that.

“On Tuesday and Thursday this week we took a night walk through the city. Filled with disgust at society as we see it, we struck rapidly and repeatedly against various symbols of capitalist culture. 

Cameras pointing into the streets were smashed with rocks. S.U.V’s and sports cars had their tires slashed and paint stripped. Cash machines were covered in paint.

 We know these acts are small, we know that they will not bring capitalism and it’s abuses down, but we see them as part of a larger struggle. A struggle in which all individuals are able to strike back against state and capitalism’s vicious oppression. We make gestures like this to make it known that there are some who are burning with hatered for the system in it’s entirity.”

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2 Responses to Deeply depressing

  1. Alan-a-dale says:

    My comment to your previous post also applies to this one. I also agree with the first comment on the original post on Indymedia.

    These sorts of actions are borne out of impotent frustration (which many of us share) but which do nothing – not even symbolically – to change or even shake the capitalist system. Furthermore, their indiscriminate nature makes them stupid as well as pointless.

    Supposing one of the ‘SUV’s’ (interesting that they use an American term for a 4 x 4) belonged to a doctor who was then prevented from getting to the hospital to save a life or an old person was unable to use the damaged cash machine to get money to buy groceries.

    These people would be better engaged using their considerable energy to challenge the system at a political level rather than at a personal one… or is that too difficult for them?

  2. funambulist says:

    You ‘came’ to Nottingham? In God’s name, why – it is the arsehole of the world – and I have the misfortune of having been born here.

    Take my advice – go – anywhere but this dump.


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