35% increase in car parking charges

November 21, 2011

Nottingham City Council have decided to increase car parking charges both in its car parks and for on street car parking.

As reported in the Post, “Parking for two hours at Broadmarsh and Fletcher Gate car parks has gone up by almost 13 per cent – from £3.10 to £3.50. Meanwhile, Trinity Square car park has gone up nearly nine per cent – £3.50 to £3.80.

Last November, the council raised prices at all three by more than 10 per cent. And charges at Trinity Square were increased again in April. This means two hours’ parking there has gone up by 35 per cent in 13 months….Last Monday, the council introduced charges for parking on city centre streets on Sundays for the first time and extended charging hours until 8pm during the week.”

Doesn’t seem the wisest move during a recession, with struggling retailers. 

Interestingly as well one commenter on the Post site notes:

“at the meeting’s of the CITY CENTRE AREA COMMITTEE, [25 JULY 2011 & 26 SEPTEMBER 2011] (where such things might be discussed be of some interest) I can find no reference to parking charges, even though one would have thought this subject would be of interest to the councillors who sit on this committee!”

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Unauthorised car parks “a threat to regeneration”

August 17, 2009

“UNAUTHORISED car parks are threatening the regeneration of the city centre and clogging its roads with traffic, according to the city council.

 It said the temporary car parks, which have sprung up on cleared building sites and in empty properties, are deterring developers who could strengthen the city’s image as a major European centre.

At least six have recently been set up without planning permission around the edge of the city, offering all-day parking to hundreds of motorists for as little as £3.

The council say they are undermining congestion-busting strategies which encourage public transport use and limit city centre parking to mainly short and medium stay.

The council is now considering enforcement action, including prosecution, to shut them down.”

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National Ice Arena

October 18, 2008

One blog I came across is dedicated to Rise Park, although it does touch on Nottingham attractions. The blogger criticises the Ice Centre for the lack of a statue to Torvill & Dean and the lack of car parking.

“The National Ice Arena, a large ice skating rink, is also based in Nottingham – also used as a venue for Concerts by International performers and artistes. Famous also for its association with Nottinghams’ own  Olympic Ice Dance champions Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. But why no statue in their honour yet, perhaps it will come? And why did the designers ever believe that a car park was not needed at a venue such as this?”

I agree with both of these complaints. Torvill & Dean are one of the few sporting heroes to originate from Nottingham and it seems churlish not to have a statue dedicated to them.

When the new Ice Centre was built, a car park was deliberately left out of the plans. The idea was to encourage people to take public transport. This is  agreat idea and I am sure it has partially worked i.e. there probably are more people travelling there by public transport than there may have been if the centre had a new car park. However, it causes great problems for anyone trying to park anywhere in the vicinity of the Ice Centre when there is a major concert.

For example, the car park at Victoria Leisure Centre and in some of the nearby residential streets, become completely clogged up with cars parked by users of the Ice Centre. As someone who uses the Leisure Centre, this makes me very unhappy.

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Euro Car Parks

October 15, 2008

You may have seen the Euro car park on Parliament Street. I have never used it and sometimes wondered what it was like inside. Well three reviewers paint a picture of a cheap but badly designed car park,stinking of urine and badly lit.

“Normally has human excrement on the stairwell. Do not feel safe in it walking alone. Badly designed and hard to drive longer cars up the ramps.”

“It is badly designed, particularly if you have a large vehicle. Moreover, the lift only services the even-numbered floors. Also, the pedestrian entrances and exits are neither very well located nor lit and there is little, if any, CCTV which has caused me significant nail biting if I’m returning to my car alone of a dark evening.”

“Although this car park is cheap, I cannot help but comment on the terrible design used inside. It is extremely hard to maneuver a car around the ramps without worrying about the sides being scratched by the walls and the spaces are extremely small. Once parked, getting out of the car is an issue itself.
As previously mentioned, hygiene in this car park is questionable as the smell of urine is disgusting.”

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