Decline of Nottingham City Centre

November 22, 2011

Just been reading some comments on Nottingham Post’s website and particularly liked the comment below which I happen to agree with. 

“I used to love Nottingham City Centre, and have been known to defend Nottingham to the hilt in the past for both shops and varied nightlife when I was a little younger. As much as it pains me to say it; there is simply very little of interest there for me anymore.

Its cheaper to order nearly everything on-line, and large out of town shopping parks such as Meadowhall and FossePark if your south of the city have free parking and all the shops you want together in one handy place. (Admittedly all chain stores)

As a former city resident, I used to love the vibe that Notts had; particularly because of the interesting independent retailers and people.  These retailers have largely gone under…”

I used to love Hockley which was full of interesting shops selling things you couldn’t easily buy in chain stores. It made sense then to travel into Nottingham instead of elsewhere. Sadly though there are only a few interesting shops left in Nottingham such as Hopewells, Hotel Chocolate and a few shops in the Flying Horse Arcade. 

Instead Nottingham City Centre seems to be full of cheap chain stores and pound shops. Yes the City Centre will still be busy with people using these shops, but for someone like myself who has money to spend, it is better now to go online to get quirky unusual things rather than trudge round cheap chainstores. But it saddens me to see Nottingham City Centre decline in this way.


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