Police watchdog ends close scrutiny

November 18, 2010

The Nottingham Post reports today that:

“A Government watchdog has today ended its close scrutiny of Notts Police after the force made significant improvements in cutting crime over the last year…

Zoë Billingham, HMI for Nottinghamshire, said Notts Police’s performance had been a “real concern” 12 months ago but that it had made “impressive improvements” during that time to address concerns.”

Interestingly an early version of this story quoted Jon Collins admitting that 2003 was a low point in terms of crime; but that things have got better. I didn’t save it unfortunately and it has now disappeared.

But it was significant that Councillor Jon Collins had finally admitted that there was a real problem with crime in Nottingham.

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Police performance

November 4, 2010

Anecdotally, I would say that Nottingham police have got better over the last 10 years at responding to crimes reported by the public. But it is clear that they don’t always get it right, as one reader of the Nottingham Post notes.

“No sign of them when my laptop was stolen earlier this year until they contacted me months later to conduct a ‘survey’ to ask how well they dealt with the incident.

Utterly useless and disinterested local police force – to the extent that if an incident happened outside my front door, i wouldn’t even bother reporting it…”

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Guarded crime scene blunder

November 1, 2010

The Nottingham Post reports a serious assault in Market Square.

“A MAN was in a critical condition in hospital last night following an assault in the city centre…A police cordon was set up outside NatWest bank and across the tram lines at around 11.45am and remained in place for much of yesterday…

Four police officers and two police community support officers guarded the scene, and trams were currently unable to use the section of track.”

I am assuming that the 6 people guarding the scene of crime, did so in order to preserve any  evidence that could later be used to secure a conviction. If the reader below is correct, unfortunately they were wasting their time.

2I was in Market Square at 6.00a.m. Sunday and the cleaning team where (sic) up and down the exact area where the alleged crime took place with machinery and steam cleaners they left it spotless I was watching them going up and down for ages.”

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Memories of Colin Gunn

October 20, 2010
On the Left Lion website, a reader has posted the following comment about Colin Gunn.                                                                        
                                                                                                                                       “with colin it was 50/50 if you were in the pub with him one minute he would buy the whole pub a drink or put money behind the bar,then the next day he would be screaming” wtf are you looking at”
                                                                                                                                       one of his lads once threatend to burn my house down for not driving through the estate fast enough,braggin about who they were and so i should know what they do,never happend and that was 6 years ago,,
                                                                                                                                  then i was approched by one of them driving his 4by4 for wearing my high viz jacket outside the grove in daybrook,the pratt even asked me if i was a copper then proceeded to ask me who’s veihcle he was driving,”well thats colins jeep,and your not colin”i replied,he got out and started walking towards me so i walked towards him,he did no more,turned round,got back in and drove off saying i was a deadman,that was 5/6 years ago n i’m still here
                                                                                                                                   they did put a lot out to extend the myth of theyer supremecy over people that didnt actually happen.or made empty threats just to scare people,the amount of guys ive heard over the years saying “my uncle is colin gunn “is laughable”.”
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Adopt a police horse

September 15, 2010

I have been reading information about Nottingham’s police force and its failure to reach a range of targets set around reducing crime. And in doing so found out about a scheme of which I was totally unaware. Primary schools are being invited to “adopt” a police horse.

“To date more than 70 schools have taken up the offer and receive a copy of Horse Talk, a regular information sheet and newsletter, photographs and even visits from their equine friends.”

There doesn’t seem to be any cost for the schools to take part. However I wonder if this will be an initiative that will disappear with the impending cuts.

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The joys of fireworks!

August 18, 2010

A comment on a website about chav towns reminded me that it isn’t long till fireworks will start to appear in the hands of local yobs.

“Ahahahaha! I live in the wonderful St Anns estate, and believe me, it is exactly what people make it out to be and worse. The MONTHS leading up to  bonfire night had chavs throwing fireworks and cars and houses all through the night.

The shop near me has been robbed twice so far, once in broad daylight. Cars are regularly vandalised, and my friends car was stolen for joyriding. All this has happened since September (in 7 months)!”


A depressing time in Bilborough

August 10, 2010

I came across a blog written by someone who lived in Bilborough and was desperate to move out. Even though the last posting was in 2006, the blog makes interesting, if depressing reading. The comment below is taken directly from the blog.

  • “cracked and highly uneven pavements, real ankle-breakers, and liberally sprinkled with mounds of dog turds to trap the unwary pedestrian who’s not looking where s/he’s going
  • every possible public flat surface graffiti’d:
  • road signs (other than the new one on my road, which presumably is of a graffiti-proof sort),
    • boards on bus stops
    • constructor signs outside the college grounds
    • the brick walls of the library (“Bilbra Cru” – either the dimwits can’t spell or, more likely, they’re trying to emulate mean muthafucka gangstas)
    • shop shutters
  • a low-flying cop helicopter on the prowl
  • a pasty fat-faced darren on a blarting mini-motorbike piling up and down aimlessly
  • a telephone exchange box ripped open”

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How safe is Nottingham?

June 11, 2010

Just been reading the website the Student Room where students post about their real life experiences of studying in Nottingham. On one of the threads, there was a debate about how much crime there really is in Nottingham. Below is one persons comments.

“i had friends who stayed at liberty square, which is barely even in radford and they had people breaking in and trying to mug them etc. I had friends that were put in accomadation nearer the john carol centre part of radford, and literally did not dare leave the place, iuts literally third world.

There was even a quote on here saying “radford doesnt even look rough” Wow. Ilkston road, and inparticularly alfreton road were considred some of the worst effected highstreets in britian for the resession. Drerlict shop, after derelict pub, after derelict petrol station, its looks woeful. the Only thing i agree with some of the comments on here is that radford not the worse part of nottingha. That is true.”

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Brawl in Sneinton

August 21, 2009

A disturbing incident was reported in the Evening Post.

“POLICE have spent nearly a month studying CCTV of the ugly brawl which bought chaos to Sneinton Boulevard. Around 20 youths and young men, some armed with baseball bats, bottles and bricks, clashed at around 7.25pm on Saturday, July 25.

This week teams of officers went searching for those suspected of involvement in the violence.

Police wearing protective helmets and armed with search equipment searched addresses in St Ann’s and Sneinton in the early hours of the morning this week to arrest people who have been identified by neighbourhood police teams and by officers viewing CCTV footage as being connected to the incident. Some were known offenders.

Police arrested seven people – aged between 15 and 38 – in connection with the violence and all have been released on bail.”

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“Nottingham is as rough as Amy Winehouse”

August 13, 2009

Another blogger has posted about his views on Nottingham.

“I find the people of Nottingham to be extremely rude. The amount of times that I have joined the back of a queue, only to have someone push in front of me, is something that happens on a regular, day to day basis…

Nottingham is as rough as Amy Winehouse. In the first two months of moving to the city, my car had gotten broken into three times, something that hasn’t didn’t even come close to happening in Lincoln…

Nottingham has plenty of disused shop outlets, infact, there is one not too far from myself which advertised selling costumes……for the Millennium New Year.”

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