Goose Fair 2

October 14, 2008

Came across an online discussion about Goose Fair. Most posters agreed that Goose Fair was now too crowded and unsafe.

“Be very careful, look out for gangs of youths with Bandana’s round their faces, they went through a stage of running through the crowds of people grabbing anything they could along the way !!SCUM.”

“you will be fine if you take nothing of value with you! my dad is a BiB and he even managed to get pick pocketed, this has also happened to me at least twice whilst walking around, once even on a saturday day time!!”

“I took a GF there 2 years ago and it was terrible, badly laid out, chock-full of ne’er do wells and general malevolent looking people from the meadaahs/bestwood etc really expensive and just a bit soulless.”

“£6 ish for some rides? No thanks.”

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Dads Hate Goose Fair

October 13, 2008

Another Nottingham blogger has written about how dads hate Goose Fair.

“Dads, on the whole, hate Goose Fair. Now they’ve grown up, they fail to see the point of Goosey, seeing as they only used to go when they were teenagers to try and pull. They hate having to go there, they hate having to go on rides, they hate having to spend money, they hate having to try and win stuff to stop their kids from mardying, and they hate it when their kids vomit down the back of their necks on the way home after eating one of them sugary cat’s heads.”

He then goes on to write about his own dad. Although I am sure many mums will have felt the same way.

“My Dad was no exception. The minute the wagons started piling into the Forest, he’d get the right arse. “I tode yer last year, I’m not tekkin’ yer ever again. It’s a bleddy con. Goo wi’ yer fookin’ Mam” he’d point out. “Ah, pleeeeeeeese Dad, tek us! Tek us tek us TEK US!” We’d reason, in the sophisticated and articulate manner that is beloved amongst Nottingham households.

Then me Mam and Dad would have a massive row, and me Dad would walk around for the next few days with a face like a smacked arse. It was on. He was taking us…

“You’re not going on that, it’s two fookin’ quid”

“You don’t even like fookin’ coconut”

“We haven’t got any room in the fookin’ aase for a fookin’ godefish, so shut yer fookin’ pan”

“Yer not havin’ a fookin’ tuffeh apple, it’ll have maggits in it and you’ll get worms”

“Yer not havin’ a blune, you’ll only fookin’ lose it and start roaring”

“Right, we’re fookin’ gooin’. I want a fookin’ pint”

As we pile into the car, and wait another half hour to get out the Park and Ride while me Dad self-immolated in pint-denied rage, he suddenly turned round and says; “Right, that’s the last fookin’ time I ever tek yer to Goose Fair. You’re ode enough to goo on yer fookin’ own”

I was eight. And me sister was six.”

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Nottingham Blogger

October 10, 2008

By accident I have come across another blogger who posts about Nottingham. He also covered the story about the beheading of pet cats, crime and guns. He also adds a warning about pickpockets at Goose Fair, part of the bow from the Robin Hood Statue being nicked, and the take over of the Co-op by Morrisons. Below are a few extracts from the blog.

Some bastard has nicked half of the bow from the Robin Hood statue up at the castle.Why the fuck would ya want to distory that ? I rackon a bit of cctv up there is a must. the time i have been up there and the arrow is missing pisses me right off. Get a fucking grip!”

“The Goose Fair is opening today,Not that we shall be going to it but i am sure hundreds of thousands of quids will be spent there over the next few days..My cash is staying in my pocket..Speaking of pockets, keep ya hand on ya wallet if you visit the fair as it’s a big few days for the pickpockets.”

“After reading about this robbery up the road from me i shuddered to think where the guns are now..Another two bob gangster with a shooter walking the streets with a real bad leg walk”

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Goose Fair is Rubbish

October 7, 2008

According to local writer Al Needham, Goose Fair is now rubbish. He laments the vanishing of “mad stuff that you wouldn’t see anywhere else.” These include Gordon the Gnome who sat on a plastic toadstool and gave you magic beans all for 50p, or Scotland’s tallest man. He also talks about the loss of the boxing booth where the people who took part “just wanted to have a scrap in front of their mates. You’d get some outstandingly barbaric entertainment for the price of a candy floss.” Or the vanishing of Mousetown which consisted of “a load of mice running about in a manky model village.”

According to Al, these attractions have been replaced with nothing more than a cheap Alton Towers. To read his full article follow the link below.

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