Allegations about consultant paid £1,000 a day

November 5, 2010

Notts Police Authority have allegedly being misusing money by paying out large amounts for a consultant, as reported in the Nottingham Post.

“A POLICE consultant is to stand down before an inquiry is completed on why her job was created.

Jaki Lowe was an interim director of human resources working on a plan to shave £1.2m, or 17.5 per cent, from Notts Police‘s spending on staff over the next three years.

Anonymous letters sent to Notts Police Authority and the Post expressed doubts over the need for her post, and claimed it was costing £1,000 a day.

In response to the letters, chairman of Notts Police Authority Councillor Jon Collins, requested another police force look into the allegations in the anonymous letters….But Ms Lowe has now stepped down before the inquiry was completed..

The investigation will continue but it has not been revealed when it will finish.”

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