Too hot!

November 1, 2011

We all know that energy bills are soaring in the UK. So you would think Nottingham City Council would be looking to reduce these wherever possible.

However, apparently the thermostat on their main office building, Loxley House, is set at 23oc. This is very high and leads to complaints from people based in the building that they are too hot – particularly in the upper floors.

Surely turning the thermostat down to a  more usual 20 or 21 0c would be an easy way to save a bit of money?


Allegations about consultant paid £1,000 a day

November 5, 2010

Notts Police Authority have allegedly being misusing money by paying out large amounts for a consultant, as reported in the Nottingham Post.

“A POLICE consultant is to stand down before an inquiry is completed on why her job was created.

Jaki Lowe was an interim director of human resources working on a plan to shave £1.2m, or 17.5 per cent, from Notts Police‘s spending on staff over the next three years.

Anonymous letters sent to Notts Police Authority and the Post expressed doubts over the need for her post, and claimed it was costing £1,000 a day.

In response to the letters, chairman of Notts Police Authority Councillor Jon Collins, requested another police force look into the allegations in the anonymous letters….But Ms Lowe has now stepped down before the inquiry was completed..

The investigation will continue but it has not been revealed when it will finish.”

Follow the link below to read more.

City council pushes ahead with legal action over BSF funding

October 5, 2010

The Nottingham Post reports that:

“NOTTINGHAM City Council has started legal proceedings against the Government over its decision to stop funding for refurbishments of Top Valley and Trinity Schools.

 The city council is taking joint action with Luton Borough Council, which has also had its Building Schools for the Future scheme stopped.

 The two councils have now lodged papers in the Leeds Administrative Court, requesting permission to apply for a judicial review of the Government decision.

 Coun David Mellen, portfolio holder for children’s services, said…”our decision to push ahead with legal proceedings has not been taken lightly. We would have preferred a negotiated solution, however I have not received a response to my request to meet with Mr Gove.”

This just seems like a total waste of money. I can’t believe that a legal resolution will resolve this issue. I guess the aim is to put pressue on Central Government. But there are other ways to do this that won’t cost a lot of money.

To read the original story follow the link below.

Another waste of money?

September 30, 2010

In the Nottingham Post one reader has posted the following comment.

“The electronic parking signs are a waste of money anyway. I used to pay attention to them but more than once the Car Park with the largest number of empty spaces indicated is always full.

I then try the one they say is full and surprise, surprise it is nearly empty. When I walked back to shop the sign was still giving the same numbers. I now head for the one that they say is full and always find spaces.

How are these signs updated? Maybe it is a plan to keep the cars away from the shops. ”

I didn’t know these signs weren’t accurate. I know these electronic signs were paid for by Central Government funding.

Has anyone else tried to use these electronic signs? Were they accurate?

Follow the link to read the original comment in the Nottingham Post.

Should the NHS budget be cut?

July 13, 2010

It is interesting that our Government is planning no cuts to the NHS when other budgets are being slashed. I’m sure when most people think about NHS expenditure they imagine salaries for Dr’s, nurses, adminstrators and managers; as well as medication and medical equipment.

But the NHS spends money on all kinds of weird and wonderful projects. Take the carbon reduction programme Nottingham and Notts Primary Care Trust has funded Nottingham Energy Partnership to deliver for the last 2 years.

This project aims to calculate and reduce the total carbon footprint across the Primary Care Trust in Nottingham and Notts.

This projects ‘achievements’ over these 2 years include:

– Making buildings more efficient e.g. installing new boilers

–  Installed renewable energy sources e.g. solar panels

– Improved data on carbon useage

– Improved travel plans for staff

– Better segregation of waste which helps recycling efforts

– Over 50 staff trained as in house ‘champions’.

Of course installing new boilers may save money in the long run, but apart from measures to save money, I fail to see what positive effect this would have on patients.

Now I know some of you may argue that carbon reduction is crucial; but I still fail to see how measuring the useage of carbon is good value for money.

And there are many more dubious projects being funded by your taxes.

Follow the link below to read more about this project.

City Council’s ‘fact finding tour’ of US

September 8, 2009

How do you think Nottingham City Council could usefully spend £10,000? Maybe more street cleaning? Or what about some part time youth workers?

Okay I know £10,000 isn’t much, especially in the overall context of vast city council budgets. But is a US ‘fact finding’ toour really the best way to spend this money.

According to the Evening Post “THE Sheriff of Nottingham begins a US tour today, in search of ideas for a Robin Hood development in the city.

Councillor Leon Unczur will visit six cities and 24 attractions in nine days. He will go to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and New York….

The trip will include John Lyle, founder of the branding company, Purple Circle, Stephen Barker, the director of marketing and communications at Nottingham City Council, and Coun Unczur.”

Follow the link below to read more.

£5 million of taxpayers money wasted

September 7, 2009

I have posted before about the Incinerator on London Road and its proposed expansion. However you may not know how your money is effectively being used to subsidise WRAP who owns the incinerator.

“Some of the heat generated by the burning process (in the incinerator) is used to heat water into steam. This steam purchased by EnviroEnergy and sent to the London Road heat station. EnviroEnergy, owned by the city council is a loss making company, losing over £5,000,000 of council tax payers money in the past 4 years…

 Enviroenergy sell the heat to homes in St. Ann’s to Nottingham Trent University and businesses in the city, including Victoria Centre and the new TAX office.”

So £5 million of taxpayers money used in the last 4 years to subsidise WRAP and heat local homes and businesses.

To read more follow the link below.

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