Workplace Parking Levy

The introduction of increased car parking charges in the City Centre have led to lots of comments on the Nottingham Post’s website about Nottingham City Council being “anti-car” . It will be interesting then, to see the reaction if the city council do go ahead with it’s plan to introduce the Workplace Parking Levy in April 2012.

The City Council have already allocated some of the income from the WPL to the improvements for Nottingham train station, more specifically “up to £14.000m funded by prudential borrowing, to be repaid via Workplace Parking Levy income.” As far as I can tell, the money has already been borrowed and thus will have to be paid back somehow. So a failure to introduce the WPL in April 2012, or to attract as much income as predicted, may lead to yet more cuts in the city council’s services.

To read more about Nottingham City Council’s financial position, follow the link below to their 2010/11 draft accounts.

5 Responses to Workplace Parking Levy

  1. WPL will go ahead for the very reasons you state i.e. financially it has to. As for any worries about how much it will raise, in the short term I don’t think that will be a problem as the number of parking places is likely to remain pretty stable as long as business registration goes smoothly income will be highly predictable.

    In the long term it’s less clear because the WPL may have a deterrent effect on car commuters and employers may reduce the size of their car parks over time to save money. I think we can be pretty sure that would be a slow process though.

  2. There’s certainly a fine line to tread between a) generating revenue for councils through parking charges and b) ensuring that local shoppers aren’t put off by the fees.

  3. MICHAEL says:


  4. Mark Jacobs says:

    Thank the small gods someone is saying something! I think the WPL is outrageous back-door taxation to pay for something Nottingham should have costed and saved for in the first place. As an ungraded tax, i.e., our admin workers on £1,200 a year or less pay the same as a manger on £40,000, it is doubly gross. Nor are there proper alternative modes of transport for many who live in villages with one bus a day or maybe adding two hours a day and more in travel-time, which is really work-time. Does anyone know if they will charge at retail parks next? In which case I shall be shopping anywhere outside the city limit.

  5. RONALD BIRD says:

    why bother moaning about the WPL we all know that nottingham city council will take no notice thy dont talk to the people that live and work in nottingham thay are just intrest in lining there own pockets thay earn a lot more than the average worker so the WPL will not make a big holl in there wages like it will on a lot of lower paide workers , and why should drivers pay to park there cars at work we allready pay road tax and extortionate fuil prices and the companys pay there rates on there property so i say again why should we have to pay a WPL

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