Poor Reviews of Queens Medical Centre

 A number of patients have posted negative comments about their experience of Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. The main complaints were the unhelpful and unfriendly receptionists, the poor standard of nursing care, lack of cleanliness and the expensive Patientline telephone service.

A number of my friends have had good and negative experiences of the Queens Medical Centre. One friend with Crohns disease, after a particularly bad experience at Queens, insisted on being taken to the City Hospital when an ambulance had to be called out to him. The extracts below are taken directly from patients views.

“majority of staff seem to view patients and patient relatives with disdain”

“Cleanliness is appalling – lift 5 has had a large smear all over the mirror for the last fortnight. Even worse, cleanliness of patients is appalling – my fathers sheets are only changed when we demand it and he is left in his mess all day (including when eating meals).”

“Nothing gets done unless you nag and nag at the staff to do it.”
“The non-medical staff (ie. receptionist) were very unhelpful and did not seem to care about the patients”

“Despite the staff obviously being busy – the department was run INCREDIBLE inefficiently. At every stage of my treatment, I was moved from a bay to the waiting room then back to a different bay – all the equipment then had to found and the medical staff then locate me.”

“found the reception staff member at the Childrens A and E very difficult to communicate with. Considering most if not all parents will be worried about their child, the staff member spoke very quietly making me have to ask over and over again what information they required. They showed no enthusiam ot compassion at all. It was like talking to a robot, and one that needed turning up!! ”

“the extremely expensive Patientline telephone service”

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10 Responses to Poor Reviews of Queens Medical Centre

  1. nick mair says:

    My 84 yr old mother in law is in ward C52 South Block at the QMC, she has terminal cancer.
    One of the nurses is on the ball, the rest are just taking the money and dont seem to give a damn about the patients. My wife came home to Cambridge after being with her mum and phoned the ward. Wife: “How is my mother today please?” Nurse:”she’s doing well, just eating her lunch” wife: “eating her lunch! She is nill by mouth, she will be sick because her stomach is blocked by the tumour!” nurse: “oh I didn’t know that; yes she has been sick!”
    Phone call later that day, wife: “has my mother had her anti-vomit medication now please?” nurse: “yes she has just had a tablet.” wife: “a tablet?” nurse: “yes I gave it to her” wife: “but she is nill by mouth and that drug is to be given intravenously thru her drip!!!” nurse: “oh I didn’t know that”
    Today my sone who lives in Turkey has flown back to see granny, my other son is driving up from Plymouth to our home in Cambridge then driving to Nottingham with my wife to see granny. My wife calls the ward this morning, “how is my mother today please?” Nurse: she is ok but has lost her hearing aid” wife: “what do you mean SHE has lost her hearing aid, she is bed bound, so whereever it has gone she hasn’t lost it” nurse: “it was probably in the bedding when it was changed this morngin; we get a lot of that happening” wife: “what! you changed her sheets and didn’t notice her hearing aid…even though by your admission you /get a lot of lost hearing aids!!!” wife:”If you know this ahppens why do you not check the sheets carefully when you change them?” nurse: no comment.
    This place is awful and some of the nurses are disgraceful. How has the NHS fallen so low that it allows lazy, good-for-nothing nurses to be employed looking after vulnerable people? My mother in law will not now be able to hear my sones when they visit; that is a travesty and very very sad!

  2. susan machin says:

    i have the misfortune to be admitted on a regular basis to the QMC and always get to a ward eventually after spending a lot of time on ward B3 this is the worst ward i have ever come across not one of the staff in there as any time for anyone except for each other over a cuppa , there is no go in them at all no spark zilch, they only speak when takin blood dont even ask your date of birth just look at your wrist banned. its hell on earth even staff on other wards will say they dont like it on there lets get some decent nursing staff on this ward if this is the first ward you go on it puts you off the whole hospital .

  3. charlotte@theukcc.co.uk says:

    I visited the QMC yesterday, I was blissfully unaware until this point that we are a third world country.

    They wonder why Irwin Mitchell’s switchboard is jammed

  4. graham says:

    well my other halfs sister has been in and out of the qmc ( on a regular basis ) for the last 2 years because of her bad heart, she has had no bad experiences in all that time except for the food, which does need addressing.( 24-5-13 )

  5. Dr R D Ogilvy says:

    Fortunately my clinical experience of the QMC is limited. On one visit a blood sample was taken but was lost and not followed up. On a more recent visit, a swab was taken for analysis and yes….it was lost and no action taken until I reminded the consultant 3 months later. Another swab was then taken. This time I will follow-up myself. But why should I have to?

  6. b3 ward at qmc what a joke, i spent a day and night on this ward the staff are a joke, i would rather be taken care of by my 5 yr old grandson…. no words spoken to me by any of the staff ad to wait 8 hrs to get a nurse to check my canula as it was bleeding and very painful also ad to wait a hour and a half for water to take painkillers staff giggling at a large lady that fell asleep showing her breast, no thought about the poor lady being covered up, just a bit of entertainment for the staff. PLEASE…… who ever is incontrol of personnel,sort the training out that is given to these members of staff it is supposed to be a caring profession put some staff on that ward that do actually CARE

  7. please do not hesitate if you need to know the names of the staff on duty at that time and the date will be more thatn happy to help

  8. lyndsey says:

    my experience on that same ward b3 was terrible to say the least… staff are so cold and uncaring i can truly say that my visit there will not be repeated i am trying to find a new hospital, i would rather be in pain on a cold wet dark corner alone than be taken care of on that ward as that is the way you feel when you are admitted to that ward !

  9. steven says:

    my experience on that ward b3 mirrors so many other comments its bad so bad its not a carin ward at all no doctors and only one nurse i found to be caring, dr, matt needs training in the carin profession a lot more decorum is definately needed, do not not disgus patience in front of other patience i.e. at the nurses station ?????? or laugh and take the rise from other patience dilemas. fat,thin,drunk or a little short on the brain front, you are there to help not to laugh pick or probe, just to give that someone a little less unfortunate from yourself a helping hand, a smile, or anice word, thats all they ask ..

  10. Yaqhub says:

    I had an X-ray for my Chest a few years ago and QMC confirmed that I had Lung Cancer, I panicked as I had no symptoms and asked for another X-ray in City Hospital, that result proved I didn’t have Lung Cancer.

    QMC has a history of telling patients that they have cancer and then later it is proved that the patient does not.

    QMC is very big and is the only A&E in a major city, perhaps there should be another A&E Hospital. But nevertheless, the mistakes that QMC make, should never happen.

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